DIY Concrete Driveway Repair – Will It Be Easy?

In the past, concrete driveway repair – which usually involved driveway resurfacing – can only be performed by professionals, and you would have to pay a rather expensive fee to avail of such services for your home or office. Nowadays, however, with the right equipment and products – such as a concrete driveway sealer – you can begin and complete the job without a professional’s help, and with rather good results at that.

What to Expect

  • Although there is little skill required for this type of task, you would have to work hard and fast so that you are able to apply the layer for resurfacing before the concrete hardens.
  • Resurfacing approximately 60 square feet would take you sixty minutes or one minute per square foot – but that’s only if you work continuously.
  • Depending on the product you are using, it could cost you a small amount to repair a concrete driveway measuring about 60 square feet in size.

Options in the Past

Most-professionals-typically-rely-on-jackhammers-when-repairing-concrete-drivewaysIf you decide against a DIY approach and prefer a professional’s help with concrete driveway repair, then expect to pay a lot more than the earlier estimate. Most professionals typically rely on jackhammers when repairing concrete driveways. Other times, they even use a bulldozer to get the job done and you know that would cost you a lot of money, right?

What Can You Use Concrete Resurfacing Products for?

You may feel a little regretful about the money you’d spend on such products, thinking that you can only use them on concrete driveway repairs. But as their name suggests, they can actually be good for repairing other types of concrete structures and fixtures. Walls, stairs, garage floors, sidewalks, and most other types of vertical surfaces may also be repaired with this type of product as long as they’re made of concrete and you have a push broom, squeegee, or a steel trowel to apply it with.

Why Can DIY Concrete Repair Be Difficult?

As mentioned earlier on, you need to quickly – and there is a great need to emphasize the speed part – work once you start applying the products for repairing and resurfacing concrete layers. To apply the product, for sure you’ll need to mix it with water or other components first. When that happens, you only have less than half an hour to apply it completely. Anything that’s not applied after 30 minutes would be wasted. They’d have completely hardened by then.

For this reason, it’s best to take on this DIY project with companions. The more, the better as there are a lot of risks involved and a high probability that you’ll ultimately fail if you insist on working on it alone.

Another thing that could force you to work more quickly than usual on concrete driveway repair is the temperature. Ideally speaking, existing concrete of your driveway should have a minimum surface temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. As for the weather itself, never work on a rainy day – hopefully that goes without saying. Secondly, humidity levels should be low, and thirdly, it would be better if the overall temperature for the day is 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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