Concrete Floor Finishes

When is a concrete floor not just a concrete floor?  When it is finished off to look like quarried stone, slate, marble, brick, colored, etched, stamped and/or has a high glossy shine.  There are amazing ways to finish concrete to satisfy even the most discriminating decorator.

Following are some available Concrete floor finishes:

  • Stained.  This is inexpensive, easy to care for and there is a lot of choices and versatility in color, patterns and designs.  Acid Stains are made with acid and metallic salts and can create very decorative results, such as marbling. Stain can be applied by mopping and spraying.  Without knowing exactly what the chemical reaction will be with the concrete, the results may be a little unpredictable.
  • Scored. Many decorative effects can be made on existing concrete with a saw. After the different shapes and patterns are etched in, it is sealed. Could be done in combination with stain. This is a great way to make solid concrete look like tile.
  • Stamped. Among other Concrete floor finishes this is great for patio decks, garages and any place where you may want an outdoorsy look of plant, marine, or forest life.  Could also be stamped to look like brick, tile, and wood, natural stone or slate.  Can be contrasted with stain and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Stencils.  Add brick or knot pattern stencils with an acid stain.
  • Broom Finish.  This has to be accomplished when the concrete is still wet.  Sweep a broom over the top for coarse or light texture.  A border of stamped or stenciled concrete would complement.
  • Concrete overlays. Tinted or colored layer of polymer over existing concrete.
  • Colored hardeners.  This is in powdered form and can be sprinkled on while wet.  Gives a great unique look when used with acid stain.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete.  This also is done immediately after pouring while wet, to expose the underlying stones, sand and pebbles inside the concrete. Great as a contrast to smooth concrete adjacent.
  • Glossy finish.  Nothing is more beautiful than a highly shined concrete finish.  Accomplished with many floor tools to create the flattest floor possible, then honed with metal bonded diamonds to a high shine and sealed. Used in combination with design and color – magnificent!

As you see, the choices you make for the finish on your concrete floor will depend on whether it is indoor or outdoor, whether it already exists or is just being poured, and what your particular vision happens to be.

Many finishes can be combined to create artistic, unique and interesting patterns and aesthetic appeal.

So, which are your preferred Concrete Floor Finishes?

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